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VAGA Cosmetics - Discover further insight into our exquisite products and embrace a personal message from Valeria Guidice (Founder).

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"I created VAGA Cosmetics for a very specific reason. I always believed that everyone has a bright essence and something that makes them unique, and what better way to bring it out then by wearing something that you feel and look good in. In your day-to-day, you should be able to feel good at all times, whether you are doing your daily routine or going to a special event, your lips must always shine as much as your personality. VAGA Cosmetics highlights your already natural beauty in which you can feel and look good in. Keep Shining."

Gloss ingredient

Vitamin E

Our Vitamin E-enriched lip-glosses are perfect for those who want to achieve sensuous, healthy lips. With beautiful shades that are perfect for any occasion, our glosses contain Vitamin E, which helps to keep your lips moisturized and soft. Experience the benefits of our Vitamin E-enriched lip-glosses!

gloss ingredient

Shea butter

Give your lips the gift of nourishing Shea butter with our lip glosses. The benefits of Shea butter are well known for its exceptional moisturizing properties. Our lip glosses are crafted with the highest quality ingredients to provide you with the best in beauty. Experience softer, smoother lips with each use!